1964 Gym Nerd Trivia Olympics

1964: Olympics Gym Nerd Trivia

If you’re reading this site, you’re. a gym nerd at heart. Now, it’s time to see just how much of a gym nerd you are. Take the quiz below to find out.

Answers below.

1964: Gym Nerd Trivia - Olympics
1. Where were the 1964 Olympics held?
2. Which team won the 1964 women’s team title?
3. Which team won the 1964 men’s team title?
4. True or False: Only one medal was awarded to each team for the team competition.
5. Who won the women’s all-around?
6. Who won the men's all-around?
7. True or False: The 1964 Olympics were the first time that there was a separate all-around competition.
8. There was a three-way tie for silver in the men’s all-around in 1964. True or False: To date, this is the largest tie for silver in Olympic gymnastics history.
9. Who won the women’s beam title?
10. Who won the women’s uneven bars title?
11. Who won the women’s floor title?
12. On the women’s side, who was the youngest gymnast?
13. On the men's side, how old was the youngest gymnast?
14. Who won the men’s floor exercise?
15. Who won the men’s pommel horse?
16. Who won the men’s high bar?
17. Who won the men’s vault?
18. True or False: The gymnasts had podium training in 1964.
19. How many judges did the women have on each event?
20. The 10.0 was divided into three parts. Which was NOT one of the parts?

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Answers: 1. Tokyo 2. Soviet Union 3. Japan 4. True (Most gymnasts received team certificates.) 5. Věra Čáslavská 6. Endo Yukio 7. False (There wasn’t an AA competition.) 8. False (There was a 4-way tie for silver on MAG VT in 1984.) 9. Věra Čáslavská (BB) 10. Polina Astakhova (UB) 11. Larisa Latynina (FX) 12. Jamileh Sorouri (14) 13. 17 (Sakamoto – USA) 14. Franco Menichelli (FX) 15. Miroslav Cerar (PH) 16. Boris Shakhlin (HB) 17. Yamashita Haruhiro (VT) 18. True (Podium training existed.) 19. 5 judges for WAG 20. Artistry was not a category

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