1972 Gym Nerd Trivia Olympics

1972: Gym Nerd Trivia about the Olympic Games

If you’re reading this site, you’re. a gym nerd at heart. Now, it’s time to see just how much of a gym nerd you are. Take the quiz below to find out.

1972: Gym Nerd Trivia – Olympics
1. Where did the 1972 Olympics take place?
2. How many gold medals did the Japanese men’s gymnastics team want to win at the Olympics?
3. Which team won the men’s team title?
4. Which team won the women’s team title?
5. True or False: The 1972 Olympics were the first World Championships or Olympic Games with a separate individual all-around final.
6. Which gymnast won back-to-back Olympic all-around titles?
7. True or false: The Japanese men swept the all-around, parallel bars, and high bar podiums.
8. Which gymnast went from 24th in the 1968 all-around to 1st in 1972?
9. True or False: During the all-around finals, someone sabotaged Olga Korbut by setting the uneven bars incorrectly.
10. Which gymnast won the men’s floor exercise?
11. Which gymnast won the men’s pommel horse title?
12. Which gymnast defended his Olympic rings title in 1972?
13. Which gymnast won the men’s vault title in 1972?
14. True or False: Tsukahara’s full-twisting double back off high bar was originally called the “moon salto” or “astronaut jump.”
15. Which gymnast won the women’s vault and uneven bars titles?
16. Which gymnast won the women’s beam and floor titles?
17. True or False: The judges raised Olga Korbut’s uneven bars score during event finals after the audience jeered for several minutes.
18. True or False: Angelika Hellmann had to compete while the audience booed Korbut’s score.
19. True or False: The Soviet gymnasts swept the beam and floor podiums.
20. True or False: Only 9 gymnasts representing 3 countries competed in the women’s event finals.
21. True or False: Olga Korbut was a last-minute replacement on the Soviet team.
22. True or False: The gymnastics competition had concluded before the Palestinian group Black September attacked the Olympic Village.

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Answers: 1. Munich 2. Seven 3. Japan 4. USSR 5. True 6. Kato Sawao 7. True 8. Ludmilla Tourischeva 9. False 10. Nikolai Andrianov 11. Viktor Klimenko 12. Nakayama Akinori 13. Klause Köste 14. True 15. Karin Janz 16. Olga Korbut 17. False 18. True 19. False 20. True 21. False 22. True

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