1962 Gym Nerd Trivia World Championships

1962: World Championships Gym Nerd Trivia

If you’re reading this blog, you’re a gym nerd. But just how much of a gym nerd are you? Take this quiz to find out.

Answers below.

1962: Gym Nerd Trivia - World Championships
1. Where was this competition held?
2. Which team won the men's title?
3. Which team won the women’s title?
4. Who won the women’s all-around title?
5. Who won the men’s all-around title?
6. Who won gold on balance beam?
7. Who won gold on uneven bars?
8. Who won gold on pommel horse?
9. Who won gold on men’s vault?
10. Who won silver in the men’s all-around?
11. Who won bronze in the women’s all-around?
12. Who won silver on balance beam?
13. Who won bronze on women’s vault?
14. Which event did NOT have a tie for bronze?
15. Which gymnast was called the “Russian Birch?”
16. Which gymnast was NOT on the 1962 Japanese women’s team?
17. Which gymnast was NOT on the 1962 Japanese men’s team?
18. Which gymnast was NOT on the 1962 Canadian men’s team?
19. Which gymnast was NOT on the 1962 Czechoslovak women’s team?
20. What floor music did Ikeda Keiko use?

(Answers below the photo.)

Gale Daley had the highest finish for Canada at the 1962 World Championships: 66th on vault.

Answers: 1. A. Prague 2. D. Japan 3. D. Soviet Union 4. B. Larisa Latynina 5. C. Yuri Titov 6. C. Eva Bosáková 7. A. Irina Pervuschina 8. B. Miroslav Cerar 9. A. Přemysl Krbec 10. B. Endo Yukio 11. B. Irina Pervuschina 12. C. Larisa Latynina 13. A. Tamara Manina 14. D. Men’s Floor 15. A. Polina Astakhova  16. D. Aihara Toshiko 17. C. Takemoto Masao 18. C. Gordon Gannon 19. B. Marianna Krajčírová 20. D. Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A Minor

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