1966 Gym Nerd Trivia World Championships

1966: Gym Nerd Quiz about the World Championships

If you’re reading this site, you’re a big, ol’ gym nerd at heart. Now, it’s time to see just how much of a gym nerd you are. Take the quiz below to find out.

Answers below.

1966: Gym Nerd Trivia - World Championships
1. Where did the competition take place
2. Which women's team was leading after compulsories?
3. Which women's team won gold?
4. Which men's team won gold?
5. Who won the women's all-around title?
6. Who won the men's all-around title?
7. Who won the women's vault title?
8. Who won the women's uneven bars title?
9. Who won the women's beam title?
10. Who won the women's floor title?
11. True or False: The women’s compulsories were the same in 1966 as they were in 1964.
12. Which gymnast is often credited with swinging bars for the first time in the history of women’s gymnastics?
13. On which events did the Japanese men sweep gold, silver, and bronze? (Check all that apply.)
14. Who successfully defended his 1962 pommel horse gold medal?
15. Who won the men's rings gold medal?
16. Who won the men's high bar gold medal?
17. Fill in the blank: "Finally, gentlemen, a gymnast who shows a routine with none of the elements of _______ should never win a world championship." -- Arthur Gander
18. True or false: There were judging robots at the 1966 World Championships
19. Which female gymnast won a team medal, an all-around medal, and four apparatus medals at the 1966 World Championships?
20. Which gymnast’s injury caused the FIG to change its policies about reserve gymnasts for apparatus finals?

Die Turner Sergej Diomidow (vorne) und Michail Woronin beide aus der UdSSR in Aktion bei gymnastischen Übungen bei den 16. Kunstturn-Weltmeisterschaften am 19.09.1966 in der Westfalenhalle in Dortmund. Foto: +++(c) Picture-Alliance / ASA+++ | usage worldwide (Photo by Schirner Sportfoto-Archiv/picture alliance via Getty Images)

1. Dortmund 2. The Soviet Union 3. Czechoslovakia 4. Japan 5. Věra Čáslavská 6. Mikhail Voronin 7. Věra Čáslavská 8. Natalia Kuchinskaya 9. Natalia Kuchinskaya 10. Natalia Kuchinskaya 11. False (The compulsories changed between Worlds and Olympics) 12. Doris Brause 13. Vault, High Bar 14. Miroslav Cerar 15. Mikhail Voronin 16. Nakayama Akinori 17. Risk, originality, and difficulty 18. True 19. Natalia Kuchinskaya 20. Shuji Tsurumi

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