1988 Floor Music Olympics WAG

1988: The Floor Music of the Seoul Olympics

Major Theme: Very, very, very 1980s.

Here are a few examples:

  • “Sixty-Second Sonata” (1980)
  • Montage of music from Cats, which debuted in 1981
  • “Axel F” from Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
  • “Bullish” (1984)
  • “Electric Kingdom” (1984)
  • “One Night in Bangkok” (1984)
  • Montage of music from Rocky IV (1985)
  • “True Faith” by New Order (1987)
  • “Macho Mozart” (1987)
19 Sep 1988: Phoebe Mills does her floor exercise during the Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea. Mandatory Credit: Billy Strickland /Allsport

Below, you can find a partial list of floor music used at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. If you have any corrections or additions, feel free to use the comments at the bottom of this page.

Note: The Spotify playlist does not include all the songs mentioned below, and sometimes, it includes a different version of a song.


Parente, Luisa

“Axel F,” Harold Faltermeyer (Beverly Hills Cop)


Dudeva, Diana

“War/Fanfare,” Vince DiCola (Rocky IV)

“Training Montage, Vince DiCola (Rocky IV)

Vodenitcharova, Deliana

“Country Girl,” Günter Noris

Hrabrova, Hrabrina

“Bolero,” Maurice Ravel

Kartalova, Mariya

“Toccata,” Emerson & Lake & Palmer

Raikova, Ivelina

“Pasodobles populares,” Luis Cabos

Stoyanova, Boryana

“The Greek Tycoon,” Frakie Holiday, Stúdió 11 & Vonószenekar


Strong, Lori

“True Faith,” New Order

Covacci, Monica

“Bullish,” Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass


Chen Cuiting

“Pegase,” Paul Mauriat

Fan Di

“Alla Figaro,” Paul Mauriat

Wang Wenjing

“Caprice Basque, Op. 24,” Pablo de Sarasate


Poloková, Iveta

“Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding,” Elton John

Říčná, Hana

“Love Me Baby,” Sheila & B. Devotion

Dřevjaná, Alena

“Czardas,” Vittorio Monti

Velíšková, Martina


East Germany

Thümmler, Dörte

“Jazz Carnival,” Azymuth

Klotz, Ulrike

“Nut Rocker,” B. Bumble and the Stingers

Shieferdecker, Bettina

“Carmen Ballet Suite: II. Dance,” Bizet, Rodion Shchedrin


Boucher, Karine

“Yablotchka,” Micha Makarenko

Romano, Catherine

“Down by the Riverside,” Kurt Edelhagen


Storczer, Beáta

“The Rite of Spring: The Sacrifice,” Stravinsky

Óváry, Eszter

“West Side Story: Overture,” Leonard Bernstein

Ladányi, Andrea

“La Danza, Op. 104” (Arranged by: Franck Pourcel)

Csisztu, Zsuzsa

“Dances of Galánta,” Zoltán Kodály


Volpi, Giulia

“Sixty Second Sonata,” Debby Boone

Shinoda Miho

“Czardas,” Vittorio Monti


Silivaș, Daniela

“Macho Mozart,” The Latin Rascals

Peak 1980s

Dobre, Aurelia

“Joy OD,” The Latin Rascals

“Yo Elise,” The Latin Rascals

Potorac, Gabriela


Golea, Eugenia

“Chatanooga Choo-Choo,” Hugo Strasser

Voinea, Camelia

“Electric Kingdom,” Twilight 22

Popa, Celestina

“Tea for Two Cha Cha,” Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

South Korea

Han Kyung-Im

“The Electronic Jungle,” Jean Schulteis

The Soviet Union

Shushunova, Yelena

“Tsyhanochka” (Цыганочка), Studio Danilenko “Koresh”

Boginskaya, Svetlana

“Carmen Suite: VI. Scene,” Rodion Shchedrin

Laschenova, Natalia

“Gogol – Suite IV. The Overcoat,” Alfred Schnittke

Note: The Overcoat (Шинель) is a short story published by Gogol in 1842.

Shevchenko, Yelena

“Pink Panther,” Henri Mancini Orchestra

“Big Spender,” Peggy Lee


Muñoz, Laura

“El Vito,” Gran Orquesta Española

Rueda, Eva

“New York, New York,” Fred Ebb, John Kander

United States

Mills, Pheobe

“Addams Family Theme,” Vic Mizzy

“Red River Rock,” Silicon Teens (Planes, Trains, and Automobiles)

Garrison, Kelly

“One Night in Bangkok,” Murray Head (from the musical Chess)

Stack, Chelle

“Hooked on Guitars,” Harold Wheeler

Johnson, Brandy

“Romanian Rhapsody in A, Op. 11, No. 1,” Enescu

Spivey, Hope

“Cats: The Jellicle Ball,” Andrew Lloyd Weber

“Cats: The Rum Tum Tugger,” Andrew Lloyd Weber

Marlowe, Missy

“Touch of a Button,” Andy Quin

Compulsory Music

Based on: “Mouvements,” André Gagnon

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