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2000: The Floor Music of the Sydney Olympics

A big trend in 2000: Movie soundtracks. 

In Sydney, the floor music included songs from The Rock, Addams Family Values, The Mummy, and The Truman Show, among others.

A small surprise: In 1984, 1992, and 1996, several floor routines featured music associated with the host country. In 2000, that trend was not as pervasive. Of course, there were exceptions — like McIntosh’s use of “Waltzing Matilda” or Slater’s use of “I Still Call Australia Home,” which was contentious, by the way. (More on that below.)

25 Sep 2000: Elena Zamolodtchikova of Russia (centre) wins Gold, Svetlana Khorkina of Russia (right) wins Silver and Simona Amanar of Romania (left) wins Bronze in the Womens Floor Exercise Final at the Sydney Superdome on Day Ten of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. Mandatory Credit: Shaun Botterill /Allsport

Below, you can find a partial list of floor music used at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. If you have any corrections or additions, feel free to use the comments at the bottom of this page.

Note: The Spotify playlist does not include all the songs mentioned below, and sometimes, it includes a different version of a song.


Skinner, Lisa

“Raksat Shahrazad,” Emad Sayyah

Walker, Brook

“Hava Nagila”

Slater, Allana

“I Still Call Australia Home,” Peter Allan

Croak, Alexandra

“Waltz,” Eugen Doga

McIntosh, Trudy

“Waltzing Matilda,” (originally John Collinson)


Polozkova, Alena

“On the Run,” Yello


Persoon, Sigrid

“Symphony No. 25 in G-Flat Minor K. 183, I. Allegro con brio,” Mozart


Hypólito, Daniele

“Tuareg Attack,” Jerry Goldsmith (The Mummy)

Comin, Comila

“La Cumparsita,” Lalo Schifrin


Richardson, Kate

“Hellena,” 101 Strings Greece

Tousek, Yvonne

“The Abyss: Main Title,” Alan Silvestri
“Trouble’s Tango/There Is That In Me,” Terry Dame

Leveille, Lise

“Dark Moon, High Tide,” Afro Celt Sound System

Beaulieu, Julie 

“Aral,” Catherine Lara

Conway, Michelle

“That’s Right,” Jesse Cook


Liu Xuan

“Le Cocher de La Troika,” Paul Mauriat

Ling Jie

“Hör’ Ich Zimbalklänge,” Franz Lehár, André Rieu

Dong Fangxiao

“Zorba’s Dance,” Mikis Theodorakis

Huang Mandan

“Symphony No. 7 in D Minor, Op. 7, B. 141, IV. Finale,” Dvořák

Czech Republic

Komrsková, Jana

“Hummell Gets the Rockets,” Hans Zimmer, Nick Glennie-Smith (The Rock)

Marešová, Kateřina 

“It’s an Addams!,” Marc Shaiman (Addams Family Values)


Regease, Delphine

“Taureg Attack,” Jerry Goldsmith (The Mummy)
“The Sand Volcano,” Jerry Goldsmith (The Mummy)

Ramassamy, Nelly

“Riverdance: Firedance,” Bill Whelan

Soler, Alexandra

“Vampire Hunters,” Wojciech Kilar (Dracula)

Endeler, Anne-Sophie

“Underground (Storm),” Burkhard Dallwitz (The Truman Show)

Great Britain

Reeder, Annika



Nyeste, Adrienn

“Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BMV 565, Bach” (Vanessa-Mae)


Yamawaki Kana

“One Jump Ahead,” Brad Kane (Aladdin)


Olaru, Maria

“Black Cat White Cat,” Dejan Sparavalo

Răducan, Andreea

“Reel Around the Sun,” Bill Whelan (Riverdance)

Isărescu, Andreea

“Hooked on Classics,” Royal Philharmonic Orchestra


Chepeleva, Anna

“Druē Dzies̩mina par Zosa/Skumjš,” Raimonds Pauls

Lobaznyuk, Yekaterina

“Hava Nagila”

Zamolodchikova, Elena

“Big and Bad,” Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
“Who’s That Creepin’,” Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
“Daddy-O,” Hipster Daddy-O and the Handgrenades

Produnova, Yelena

“The Ride,” James Horner (The Mask of Zorro)
“The Fencing Lesson,” James Horner (The Mask of Zorro)

Khorkina, Svetlana

“Pistolero,” Dave Grusin


Moya, Esther

“Mambo No. 5,” Lou Bega
“Mambo, Mambo,” Lou Bega

Martínez, Laura

“Tiburón,” Proyecto Uno

Moro, Sara

“Salomé,” Chayanne

Moro, Paloma

“(I) Can Can (You),” Vanessa-Mae


Karpenko, Viktoria

“The Saint,” Orbital

Rozshchupkina, Olha

“La marche de Ménilmontant,” Michel Legrand, Stéphane Grappelli
“Sous le ciel de Paris,” Michel Legrand, Stéphane Grappelli

Yarosh, Tatyana

“Carnaval de Paris,” Dario G

Tyryk, Galina

“Fiddler on the Roof: L’Chaim – To Life,” Jerry Bock, Sheldon Harnick

Teslenko, Olha

“Invisible Circus,” Vienna Symphony Orchestra

United States

Maloney, Kristen

“Istanbul,” Joe Carr
“Piano Concerto N. 2 in B-Flat Major, Op. 83: Allegro Appassionato,” Brahms
“Puttin’ on the Ritz,” Terry Snyder

Dantzscher, Jamie

“La cumparsita”

Ray, Elise


Chow, Amy

“Yellow River Piano Concerto” Yin Chengzong and Chu Wanghua, based on the “Yellow River Cantata” by Xian Xinghai

Note: Mo Huilan used this piece of music in 1996.

Dawes, Dominique

“Journey,” Nova Menco


Chusovitina, Oksana

“Phantom of the Opera: Overture,” Andrew Lloyd Webber

A Note about the Song “I Still Call Australia Home”

The airline Qantas was not an Olympic sponsor in 2000. At the time, the company’s advertising jingle was “I Still Call Australia Home.” Ansett Australia, a Qantas competitor, was an Olympic sponsor and banned the song from the Olympics. Slater was given a special dispensation.

Peter Allen’s classic song, I Still Call Australia Home, was banned from all Olympic events but one, Ansett said yesterday.

Ansett and SOCOG granted the Boy from Oz’s home town of Tenterfield, near the NSW-Queensland border, sole permission to perform the late entertainer’s song when the Olympic torch passes through there later this month.

Ansett, an Olympics sponsor, decided to silence renditions of the popular tune at all other Olympic events because of its close link with rival airline Qantas.

In the only other exception, SOCOG earlier cleared West Australian gymnast Allana Slater to perform her floor routine at the Games to the song.

“Ansett shoots down Allen’s classic,” Illawarra Mercury, August 10, 2000

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