2023 Floor Music WAG World Championships

2023: The Floor Music of the World Championships

I think it’s important to document the floor music used at major gymnastics competitions. It tells us a lot about the general cultural zeitgeist in the world, as well as what gymnasts and their coaches think the judges will or will not like.

Here are a few trends this year…

“Paint It Black”

I loved this song as a teenager, so I’m not complaining. But there was a fair amount of this song by the Rolling Stones.

80s Nostalgia

The nostalgia machine is always live and well at gymnastics competitions. The goal is to target judges and audience members in their 40s and 50s (and beyond) by using songs from their youth (i.e. roughly 40 years ago).

This year, we listened to Madonna’s “Material Girl,” Kenny Loggins’s “Footloose,” and George Michaels’s “Careless Whisper,” among others.

Y2K Nostalgia

Here are a few of the songs from the turn of the century:

  • Sex and the City debuted in 1998
  • “The Next Episode” by Dr. Dre (1999)
  • “Let’s Get Loud” by Jennifer López (1999), but originally by Gloria Estefan
  • “Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC (2000)
  • “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child (2001)
  • “Lose Yourself” by Eminem (2002)

Pop Strings

This is not a new trend. It was also big at the 2004 Olympics with the group Bond. Now, there are a lot of options with Lindsey Stirling being the most prominent figures. (Sunisa Lee won in 2021 with a Lindsey Stirling song.)

TV and Movies

Soundtracks are a tried and true genre of floor music. This year was no exception. Gymnasts used songs from everything from Aladdin and Puss in Boots to West World and Game of Thrones.


Electronic dance music has been a staple of NCAA floor routines for quite some time. Now, they are becoming more prevalent at the World Championships with songs like Timmy Trumpet’s “Party Till We Die” and “Flamenco.”

With no Further Ado…

So, here’s a long list of (almost) all the floor music used. I probably missed a few gymnasts and songs along the way. (Sorry, it wasn’t done intentionally. Feel free to leave corrections or additions in the comments.)

Note: There are a few songs that aren’t on Spotify.


Salem, Lahna

“Paint It Black,” Ramin Djawadi from West World (Originally The Rolling Stones), 

Nemour, Kaylia

“Diabolus,” Alibi Music
“Protector of the Land,” Harpazz


Carraro, Brisa

“Soul Awakening,” Thomas Howe & Stephen Tait

Estarli Lucila

“Revolt,” Nathan Lanier

Iribarne, Nicole

“Stampede (feat. Lindsey Stirling),” Alexander Jean


Whitehead, Emily

“Boom Boom,” 2WEI

Pass, Ruby

“Shallow Grave Theme,” Simon Boswell

Godwin, Georgia

“Feeling Good (In the Style of Michael Bublé),” The Tributes (Originally Cy Grant in the musical The Roar of Greasepaint, later popularized by Nina Simone)

Scott, Breanna

“Xap,” The Hit House


Frysak, Bianca

“Careless Whisper,” Dyke of Sound (Originally George Michael)

Bohle, Leni

“Danse Roumaine No. 3,” Béla Bartók
“Puttin’ on the Pizzazz,” RetroElectric Big Band

Kickinger, Selina

“Perro Viejo,” Otros Aires

Moerz, Charlize

“Rich Man’s Frug,” 2005 Broadway Revival Cast, from Sweet Charity


Teymurova, Nazanin

“Feel It Still,” Starstruck Backing Tracks  (Originally Portugal. The Man)

Gahramanova, Samira

“King of Swing,” Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


Kelly, Olivia

“Mas Que Nada,” Sérgio Mendes & The Black Eyed Peas
“Mas Que Nada (Brazilian Football Mix),” Maya Maracana
“Se Baila Pegao,” Mega Perreo Brasileño

Pilgrim, Anya

“Run This Down,” Thisisski (Originally Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Kanye West)
“Sex With Me,” Rihanna
“Where You Been,” Shontelle Phoenix
“Lands of Seas,” Markuum


Verkest, Jutta

“Navras,” Juno Reactor

Pinxten, Erika

“1989,” Laake

Enghels, Fien

“Ook Al Heb Je Verdriet,” Bernadette Kraakman (Snow White)

Dandois, Margaux

“Valse Sentimentale, Op. 51, No. 6, “ London Festival Orchestra, Josef Sakonov, Tchaikovsky


Barbosa, Jade

“Cell Block Tango (Backing Track with Background Vocals),” All Star Backing Tracks, from Chicago with music by Fred Ebb

Soares, Júlia

“Friend Like Me,” from Aladdin, with music by Alan Menken

Andrade, Rebeca

“End of Time,” Beyoncé
“Movimento da Sanfoninha,” Anitta
“Baile de Favela,” MC JOÃO

Saraiva, Flávia

“Girl from Ipanema,” Originally by Antônio Carlos Jobim
“Aquarela do Brasil,” Ary Barroso
“Canto das tres raças,” Mauro Duarte and Paulo César Pinheiro
“Canta, Brasil,” Alcyr Pires Vermelho and David Nasser


Stewart, Ava

“Final Descent,” Drehz
“Surrender,” Drehz

Tran, Aurelie

“La Bohème,” Roby Lakatos & Lakatos
“La Bohème,” Pianista Sull’Oceano

Black, Elsabeth

“Rat d’hôtel,” Maxime Rodriguez
“Pandemonium,” Worakls

Lee, Cassandra

“Dark Fate,” Tom Holkenborg from Terminator: Dark Fate


Pinto Adasme, Makarena

“Sube a nacer conmigo, hermano,” Los Jaivas
“Mambo de Machaguay,” Los Jaivas


Qiu, Qiyuan

“Inferno,” Mari Clare

Ou, Yushan

“Song of Four Seasons,” Liu Ziling (四季歌 by 刘紫玲)


Valenzuela, Yiseth

“Pink Panther Theme,” Dream Chaser (Originally Henry Mancini)

Escobar Betancur, Ginna

“Gangsta’s Paradise / Lose Yourself / Let Me Blow Ya Mind / Candy Shop,” Ember Trio
“The Next Episode,” Dr. Dre

Czech Republic (Czechia)

Ponížilová, Dominika

“The Deep, The Dark,” Tamer

Trnková, Lucie

“Voilà,” Barbara Pravi


Rasmussen, Camille

“Vivace,” Andre Soueid
“Babylon,” AxLi
“African Dream – African Beats,” Zumba Fitness


Perea, Alais

“Cachondea,” Fruk y Sus Tesos


Elsadek, Sandra

“The Grand Bizarre,” Beats Antique


Siikala, Adeliina

“In scimmia,” Horus Su Maccu
“Batucada,” Phillybloco

Vaettoe, Olivia

“Charleston,” Sobe

Tanskanen, Kaia

“Swing It,” Bobo and Sean


Boyer, Marine

“Mi Refugio,” Daniel Casares
“Sor Bulería,” Moraíto

Oyssek-Reimer, Morgane

“In the Middle Somewhat Elevated,” Thom Willems

De Jesus Dos Santos, Mélanie

“Sahara,” Sofiane Pamart

Devillard, Coline

“Rebirth,” Lord Kra Ven


Schönmaier, Karina

“The Enola Holmes Detective Agency,” Daniel Pemberton

Quaas, Lea Marie

“Can’t Help Falling in Love (feat. Profitt),” Tommee Profitt (Originally Elvis Presley)

Schäfer-Betz, Pauline

“Bye Bye Bye,” Joseph William Morgan (Originally NSYNC)

Voss, Sarah

“Thanks fr th Mmrs,” Fall Out Boy

Note: I had no clue that’s how the title of the song was spelled.

Great Britain

Achampong, Ondine

“Let’s Get Loud,” Hauser (Originally Jennifer López)

Evans, Ruby

“Dangerous Thoughts,” Brand X Music

Kinsella, Alice

“Miami,” Josh Vietti

Gadirova, Jessica

“Cloak and Dagger,” Eternal Eclipse
“Fate of the Clockmaker,” Eternal Eclipse


Katsali, Elvira

“Arabesque (Orchestral Version),” Nightwish

Mesiri, Athanasia

“Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G Minor,” Martynas


Brown, Lynnzee

“Control,” Janet Jackson


Székely, Zója

“Esperanza,” Maxime Rodriguez

Mayer, Gréta

“No Twerk,” Panther
“Trouble,” Wiwek & Gregor Salto
“He’s a Pirate (Chris Joss, Ship Ahoy Tribal Mix),” Geoff Zanelli, Hans Zimmer & Klaus Badelt

 Szilágyi, Nikolett

“Flamenco,” Timmy Trumpet & JETFIRE
“Mexicana,” Opal Ocean


Aðalsteinsdóttir, Thelma

“One Choice,” Sam Cushion
“A Break in the Glass,” Sam Cushion

Kristinsdóttir, Margrét Lea

“Paint It Black (Cello Version)” Jamie Evans Music


Irfanaluthfi, Rifda

“Theme from Sex and the City,” The Pop Allstars (Originally Douglas J. Cuomo and Tom Findlay)


Hilton, Halle

“Bleed,” Timmy Trumpet & SCNDL
“Good Golly,” The S.P.Joy
“Party Till We Die,” MAKJ & Timmy Trumpet

Slevin, Emma

“If I Lose Myself,” Simply Three


Raz, Lihie

“Paint it Black,” Ralph Benatar (Originally the Rolling Stones)


Esposito, Manila

“Tocando el Cielo,” Carlos Olmo

D’Amato, Alice

“Mercy in Darkness,” Two Steps from Hell, Nick Phoenix
“Stanga (Radio Version),” Sagi Abitbul and Guy Haliva

Iorio, Elisa

“Hit the Road Jack (Extended Mix),” Throttle

Belardelli, Arianna

“Fate of the Clockmaker,” Eternal Eclipse


Fukasawa, Kokoro

“The Puss Suite,” Henry Jackman from Puss in Boots

Hatakeda, Chiaki

“Purusha,” NVDES

Miyata, Shoko

“Eastbound,” Peter Muller

Kishi, Rina

“Bandoneon Acorazado (Malente Remix),” Tango Fusion Club


Yassinskaya, Darya

“Good News,” Apashe

Bauyrzhanova, Aida

“Kung Fu,” Dabin
“Знаешь кто,” SVT


Ananjeva, Anastasija

“Merry-Go-Round,” Joe Hisaishi (from Howl’s Moving Castle”)

Ratobilska, Valerija

“Bella Ciao” Remix (Originally Goran Bregović)


Mordenti, Céleste

“Money, Money, Money,” Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (Originally ABBA)


Loustalot, Cassandra

“See What I’ve Become,” Zach Hemsey
“Episode ‘The Queen’s Justice’” (Game of Thrones), Ramin Djawadi

Escalera, Natalia

“Vivo Tango,” Maxime Rodriguez

Moreno, Alexa

“Zenitsu Theme,” Samuel Kim (from Demon Slayer)

Sandoval, Ahtziri

“Survivor,” 2WEI (Originally Destiny’s Child)


Visser, Naomi

“Voilà,” Barbara Pravi

Thorsdottir, Eythora

“Shape of Lies,” Eternal Eclipse

Van Pol, Vera

“Insomnia,” Symphoniacs

New Zealand

Cobb, Reece

“Kashmir (feat. Slash),” Escala

Marshall, Madeleine

“Make Me Feel,” Janelle Monáe


Roenbeck, Marie

“Say Goodnight,” Labrinth from Euphoria
“Following Tyler,” Labrinth

Kanter, Mari

“Please Don’t Tease,” Club des Belugas

Tronrud, Maria

“Intro (Infected),” Sickick


Heron, Hillary

“Stampede (feat. Lindsey Stirling)” by Alexander Jean

Navas, Karla

“Memories,” Within Temptation

Herrera, Lana

“Le Cirque,” Maxime Rodriguez
(Kyla Ross also used this music in Antwerp.)


Méndez, Ana Karina

“The Borrower,” Elephant Music
“Winchester,” Elephant Music


Kvamme, Kylee Ann

“The Vinciguerra Affair,” Daniel Pemberton

Finnegan, Aleah

“SloMo (Eurovision’s Dancebreak Edit),” Chanel
“Loco (Inst.),” Itzy


Skalska, Kaja

“Footloose,” Kenny Loggins


Parente, Mariana

“Torn (Redux),” Nathan Lanier

Costa, Mafalda

“Revolt,” Nathan Lanier
“Fractures,” Kári Sigurðsson

 Martins, Filipa

“Eviscerate,” Atom Music Audio
“One Last Mission,” Niklas Johansson


Preda, Andreea

“Touch Your Mind [Arias Remix].” Di Feno & Alls
“Higher,” Reinaeiry

Cosman, Lilia

“Children of Sanchez,” Marcin Wyrostek & COLORIAGE

Bărbosu, Ana Maria

“Royal Blood,” Caleb Swift

Maneca-Voinea, Sabrina

“Baiao,” Watazu


Yap, Emma

“Charms,” Abel Korzeniowski

Nathan, Nadine Joy

“Kairos,” Derek Hough


Mokošová, Barbora

“Carol of the Bells,” Lindsey Stirling


Trtnik, Zala

“Stay Alive (Instrumental),” Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton)

South Africa

Anders, Caleigh

“Tango to Evora,” Loreena McKennitt

Rooskrantz, Caitlin

“Für Elise Jam,” The Piano Guys (Originally Beethoven)

Daries, Naveen

“Seven Nation Army,” 2CELLOS (Originally The White Stripes)

Napier, Garcelle

“Til the Light Goes out,” Lindsey Stirling

South Korea

Lee, Dayeong

“The Landlord’s Walk,” Blair Douglas
“Sweet Dreams,” Escala (Originally Eurythmics)

Shin, Solyi

“Ego (Radio Edit),” Willy William

Yeo Seojeong

“Come and Danz,” Debelah Morgan
“I’m A Lady, Meghan Trainor from SMURFS
“Airmail Special (Club Des Belugas Remix),” Club des Belugas & Ella Fitzgerald

Lee Yunseo

“Once upon a December,” L’Orchestra Cinematique & Alala (from Anastasia)


Pérez, Ana

“Moi, Je Suis Tango,” Guy Marchand

Font, Laia

“Ball de l’Àliga de la Patum de Berga”

Casabuena, Laura

“Material Girl,” Kris Bowers (Originally Madonna)

Petisco, Alba

“Freddie Mercury, Queen Medley,” Royal Air Force College Band
Specifically: “Another One Bites the Dust”

Sri Lanka

Elpitiya Badalge Dona, Milka Gehani

“Shootin Stars (feat. Ddark),” Aero Chord


Gravin, Elina

“Winds of Capadocia,” Alexandre de Faria

Paulsson, Tonya

“Dernière Danse,” Amadeus

Williams, Jennifer

“Senna,” Shiro Sagaisu
“Nube Negra,” Shiro Sagisu

Westlund, Emelie

“Devil and Angel,” Maxime Rodriguez


Wu, Anny

“The Forbidden City,” Antti Martikainen

Bickel, Lena

“Mezz’Ora di Sole,” BLANCO


Lin, Yi-Chen

“Opa,” Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Vs. KSHMR
“Opa!” DJ Rocky

Ting, Hua-Tien

“Masquerade,” Lindsey Stirling

Lai, Pin-Ju

“Attending Court,” Brand X Music

Liao, Yi-Chun

“Diabolique,” Raphael Beau


Yıldız, Bengisu

“Better Off Alone,” Alice Deejay

Kayışoğlu, Sevgi

“Zay Ma Ehna,” Baha’a Sultan
“Lat Jaf,” Mario Kirlis
“Crazy,” Yaşar Akpençe


Krupa, Ilona

“Lose Yourself,” David Garrett, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Franck van der Heijden

Lashchevska, Anna

“Independent Woman / Bills, Bills, Bills / Say My Name / Bootylicious,” Ember Trio Medley (Originally Destiny’s Child)

United States

Wong, Leanne

“Tashir,” Charles Aznavour

Roberson, Joscelyn

“Stanga,” Sagi Abitbul and Guy Haliva

Jones, Shilese

“Golden Hour,” Jvke
“We All Fall Down,” Michael Maas & Eurielle

Biles, Simone

“Unicorn,” Noa Kirel
“I Like Boys,” Todrick Hall


Aripova, Dildora

“Let’s Get Loud” (Originally Jennifer López)|
“Mueve la Colita,” Del Baldo


Tran, Doan Quynh Nam

“Kings and Queens [MOTi Remix],” Ava Max

Turnen Weltmeisterschaft 2023 Turnen: Weltmeisterschaft 2023, Frauen, Team, Finale, Sportpaleis. Rebeca Andrade aus Brasilien in Aktion am Boden. Antwerpen Sportpaleis Belgien

More Floor Music

4 replies on “2023: The Floor Music of the World Championships”

Amazing! Flavia Saraiva actually has a mix of four songs in her routine. Besides “Girl from Ipanema”, there are “Aquarela do Brasil”, by Ary Barroso, “Canto das três raças”, by Mauro Duarte and Paulo César Pinheiro and “Canta, Brasil”, by Alcyr Pires Vermelho and David Nasser.

Hello and thanks a ton for this website. I’ve observed that Laia Font’s music listed here is not the one that she has been using throughout the years (including 2023 Worlds). She performs to a popular Catalan Corpus Christi festivities piece called “Ball de l’Àliga de la Patum de Berga”, specially arranged and recorded for her by composer Liam Colomer.

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