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1962: The Compulsory Routines for the World Championships

What were compulsory routines at the 1962 World Championships?

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, there aren’t videos of the routines on YouTube. But in this post, you can find the English text for the men’s compulsories, as well as the English text and drawings for the women’s compulsories.

Men’s Compulsories

To give you an idea of the skill level:

Floor: The opening pass was a front handspring step-out, front handspring to a dive roll. The closing pass was: round-off, back tuck, back handspring, and rebound. Gymnasts had to pay close attention to their hand placement, for example, on their rebound at the end of the routine.

Rings ended with a straddle cut dismount.

Parallel Bars: There was a back uprise to immediate straddle cut forward to L-sit. The dismount was a front pike off the side.

High bar ended with a straddle hecht over the bar.

Download the MAG Compulsories

Women’s Compulsories

To give you an idea of the skill level:

Beam: The mount was a forward roll onto the beam. The most challenging acrobatic skill was a backward roll. There was also a cat leap on beam.

Floor: To modern gymnastics fans, it might seem laughable that the most challenging tumbling skill is a one-handed front handspring step-out. But these routines were all about precision with requirements like a ⅜ turn.

You can hear my recording of the floor music here:

Download the Women’s Compulsories

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