1968 Gym Nerd Trivia Olympics

1968: Gym Nerd Quiz about the Olympics

If you’re reading this site, you’re a gym nerd at heart. Now, it’s time to see just how much of a gym nerd you are. Take the quiz below to find out.

Answers below.

1968: Gym Nerd Trivia - Olympics
1. Where did the 1968 Olympics take place?
2. Who won the men’s team gold at the 1968 Olympics?
3. Who won the women’s team gold at the 1968 Olympics?
4. Who won the men’s all-around at the 1968 Olympics?
5. Who won the women’s all-around at the 1968 Olympics?
6. Who took the all-around bronze even though she was 11th after compulsories?
7. True or False: Soviet judges secretly raised Larisa Petrik’s preliminary floor scores to ensure that Petrik tied Čáslavská for gold.
8. True or False: Nothing happened as a result of Čáslavská’s protest during the floor medal ceremony.
9. Who won the women’s vault title in 1968?
10. Who won the women’s bars title in 1968?
11. Who won the women’s beam title in 1968?
12. At the time, who was nicknamed “The Bride of Mexico” (“La novia de México”)?
13. TRUE or FALSE: The men and women could repeat their compulsory routines.
14. On which event did the Japanese men sweep the podium (i.e. win gold, silver, and bronze)?
15. Who won the gold medal on pommel horse?
16. Who won the silver medal on pommel horse?
17. Who won the men’s rings title?
18. Who won the men’s vault title?
19. Who won the men’s parallel bars title?
20. On the men’s side, who won the most medals?

Erika Zuchold GDR

Answers: 1. Mexico City 2. Japan 3. Soviet Union 4. Kato Sawao 5. Věra Čáslavská 6. Natalia Kuchinskaya 7. False (More here.) 8. False 9. Věra Čáslavská 10. Věra Čáslavská 11. Natalia Kuchinskaya 12. Natalia Kuchinskaya 13. False 14. Floor Exercise 15. Miroslav Cerar 16. Olli Laiho 17. Nakayama Akinori 18. Mikhail Voronin 19. Nakayama Akinori 20. Mikhail Voronin

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